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Fallen in love, gotten engaged - what next?

The first step has been taken! You’ve gotten engaged and are eagerly waiting for the big day. But what now?Where should you start and what sort of things should you take care of? Spurred on by social media, internet blogs and TV formats, there is plenty of inspiration out there. Considering the myriad of possibilities and tasks, it is quite normal to feel overwhelmed rather quickly. To add to this, your own demands and expectations are sky high, along with those of your guests. Everyone dreams of their perfect wedding! Yet finding the time while doing your job, to fully immerse yourself in the planning of your own wedding, has become almost impossible.

Together towards your dream wedding

Glückliches Paar

I can help you navigate the wedding maze!

I would be delighted to provide guidance and trustingly accompany you on the road to your own, quite personal, dream wedding. I can stand by your side, diligently giving you directions and advice in a structured way using my expertise, but also giving a lot of love and passion, so that your wedding is a unique experience - a lavish celebration full of unforgettable moments!

A worry- and stress-free path to your dream wedding!

You can fully rely on me for the planning and realization of your wedding! You can confidently hand over all responsibility to me and need not worry about anything - I will make sure that everything is thought of and nothing is forgotten. I keep an eye on your costs at all times and make sure that we’ll stay within your budget!

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Your advantages at a glance


Make use of my network of professional and reliable service providers, handpicked for you and your concept! Whether stylist, photographer, wedding singer or child care - we will find the perfect partner for your special day!

Easing the workload

Marriage witnesses, family and friends are often heavily involved in the planning process. Most of the time, however, they lack the time and, above all, the necessary experience to support you. I can take care of this for you, so that everyone enjoys the run-up to the wedding and joins in the celebrations on the day!


Don’t waste any time on the minutiae of organizing, unpleasant tasks or any of the problems that may emerge! I will take care of everything, while you can relax and look forward to your wedding. Anticipation, as we know, is half the pleasure!

You are the guests of honor!

Your wedding is your big day, and you should enjoy it to the fullest! Relax and spend some carefree time with your loved ones! I’ll be working away behind the scenes and guarantee you a wonderful celebration!

Discover all advantages
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My service packages

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Services provided

I would be delighted to support you with any particular aspects of your wedding plans. Benefit from my network of professional service providers who will realize your wishes down to the last detail!

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Event supervision on the day of the wedding

Your wedding is YOUR big day and should be enjoyed by you, free of any stress or worry! I’ll be there in the background, taking care of the smooth organization of your celebrations and ensuring that your wedding day is perfect and unforgettable!

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Location search

The cornerstone of every wedding is the location. Together we’ll embark upon the search for that place, where you feel at ease and which exactly mirrors your desires and wishes!

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Decoration concept

Let us develop & realize your individual decoration concept together! It is important that the decoration in combination with the location creates a harmonious overall picture and reflects your personal style.

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All-round carefree package

When booking the complete service, I will accompany you from the beginning of the planning to your yes-word and take care all matters that concern the most beautiful day of your lives!

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Marriage abroad

You dream of a wedding on the beach or in the mountains? Do you love to travel and you’ve got itchy feet? Together, we’re going to make your dream a reality! Whether it’s Italy, Spain, Asia or the Caribbean - everything is possible!

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Gerne unterstütze ich Euch auch in Teilbereichen Eurer Hochzeitsplanung. Profitiert von meinem Netzwerk an professionellen Dienstleistern, die Eure Wünsche bis ins Detail verwirklichen!

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Betreuung am Hochzeitstag

Eure Hochzeit ist EUER großer Tag und den sollt Ihr stress- und sorgenfrei genießen! Ich kümmere mich im Hintergrund um den reibungslosen Ablauf Eurer Feier und sorge dafür, dass Euer Hochzeitstag perfekt und unvergesslich wird!

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Das Herzstück einer jeden Hochzeit ist die Location. Gemeinsam werden wir uns auf die Suche nach jenem Ort begeben, an dem Ihr Euch wohlfühlt und der exakt Euren Wünschen und Anforderungen entspricht!

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Lasst uns gemeinsam Euer individuelles Dekorationskonzept entwickeln & realisieren! Wichtig ist dabei, dass die Dekoration im Zusammenspiel mit der Location ein harmonisches Gesamtbild ergeben und Euer persönlicher Stil widergespiegelt wird.

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Bei der Buchung des Komplettservice begleite ich Euch von Beginn der Planung bis hin zu Eurem Ja-Wort und kümmere mich von A bis Z um alle Belange rund um den schönsten Tag Eures Lebens!

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Heiraten im Ausland

Ihr träumt von einer Hochzeit am Strand oder in den Bergen? Ihr liebt es zu reisen und Euch packt das Fernweh? Gemeinsam lassen wir Euren Traum Wirklichkeit werden! Ob Italien, Spanien, Asien oder die Karibik – alles ist möglich!

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Love Letters

Rahel & Valerias

Dear Nadia,
if we were to sum up the qualities of organizational talent, attention to detail, perseverance, empathy, taste, creativity and reliability in one word, then the answer would be clear to us: Nadia! This is exactly what makes you so special! For celebrations to be a success, nothing is too much trouble or unattainable for you! You enriched our big day immeasurably! It was quite simply wonderful and we could not have been any happier!
We wish that you make many more couples as happy as we are!

Caroline und Dominic

Dear Nadia,
As our fairy godmother, you made sure our wedding celebrations were a success. The timing was seamlessly coordinated and it’s easy to see that planning and organizing is very close to your heart. Without you, the day would have been utter chaos. We were absolutely delighted and could completely rely upon you! Your caring nature was also very well received by our guests. After the wedding, we were often asked who this lively, congenial young lady was who pulled the strings in the background. Without you, OUR day would certainly not have been so beautiful!

Simone und Thiemo

Dear Nadia,
you made our wedding one of the most beautiful days in our lives, you were always there for us and we could rely on you at all times. From the very start, you delighted us with your kind nature, and stood by us with dedication and commitment.  Thank you very much for the great organization of our wedding!

Nina & Michael

Dear Nadia,
We want to thank you with all our hearts for your planning and support on our big day. With a great deal of love, open-mindedness and joy, you made our preparations stress-free and pleasant and delivered to us a dream-like, beautiful celebration!
We are unbelievably grateful to you and could not have done it without your help!

Stefanie & Yannic

Dear Nadia,
We want to thank you with all our hearts for your wonderful support on our very special day, which we shall look back upon with joy for many years to come! You do this with such incredible passion and with so much love for detail! We would be very happy to recommend you!
Many thanks for everything!

Für die Hochzeitsplanung nähere ich mich jeder Hochzeit mit einem unvoreingenommenen, frischen Blick. Dabei ist die Zusammenarbeit mit meinen Brautpaaren sehr vertrauensvoll und somit die beste Basis für ein gutes und erfolgreiches Ergebnis. Von Beginn an steht Ihre Individualität und Einzigartigkeit als Paar im Mittelpunkt. Sie dürfen sich auf den guten Service und die Qualität meiner Arbeit voll und ganz verlassen – von der Kommunikation bis zur Auswahl der Dienstleister. Pro Jahr nehme ich eine ausgewählte Anzahl von maximal zehn Hochzeiten an, damit Sie sich als mein Brautpaar jederzeit optimal betreut fühlen.

Get married!

Together, let’s make your dream wedding come true, so book your no-commitment and free-of-charge initial meeting with me today! I’m really looking forward to getting to know you both!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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