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Celebrate your wedding abroad in the most beautiful places in the world
and discover the limitless possibilities of a destination wedding together with us.

Whether a romantic beach wedding on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, a Mediterranean luxury wedding in Tuscany or a free wedding ceremony above the rooftops of New York: our wedding agency makes your dream of a premium wedding abroad come true.

A destination wedding means unlimited possibilities.
That’s why we don’t just plan, design and accompany your wedding abroad.
We make your wedding abroad a journey of love.
A journey that not only has many highlights, but will be the absolute highlight of your love – beyond all limits of the imaginable.

Marry abroad:
The most beautiful destinations for your wedding

Let our carefully selected portfolio for destination weddings inspire you and follow your heart.

As experienced destination wedding experts, our wedding planners know exactly what it takes to deliver first-class weddings abroad.

Besides knowing the most stunning wedding venues abroad, we also know the best local service providers – personally. This is crucial to ensure that you will have the perfect wedding abroad you have always dreamed of.

The most beautiful places to get married in Europe

A country known for selected wines, exquisite cuisine and sparkling champagne. France is the land of love and one of the most popular destinations to get married.

But besides its culinary delights and its world-famous charm, France impresses above all with its unique wedding locations. Popular places to get married in France are, for example, Provence, Côte d’Azur or Paris.

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Spain is the ideal place for a wedding abroad. The country offers a summer setting right by the sea, which creates unforgettable memories.

Especially the miles of sandy beaches in Andalusia as well as the dreamlike islands of the Canary and Balearic Islands make Spain the secret favorite for unforgettable beach weddings – without spending long hours on the plane.

Italy stands for amore. Especially in every aspect of life. From the lively togetherness to the passionate pleasure: those who marry on a finca in Italy do so with heart and soul.

It is hardly surprising that names like Amalfi, Cefalu or Venice already sound like music and create the mood for a romantic wedding in Italy. Those who love the Mediterranean flair will definitely find the perfect location to get married in Italy.

Getting married in Mexico:
Your dream wedding in the Caribbean.

Celebrate your high end wedding in Tulum and experience a magical ceremony in the Caribbean Riviera Maya.

A country rich in scenic facets, Mexico is the ideal country to get married and offers brides and grooms with high expectations, the perfect conditions for an exclusive wedding. Known for its impressive Mayan ruins, paradisiacal palm trees and endless white sandy beaches, Tulum emanates a Caribbean flair that will make your heart race for your wedding ceremony.

With our second location in Tulum, we know our way around the place and can make your dream wedding in the Caribbean come true. Whether it’s a stylish beach wedding by the crystal clear sea, a romantic wedding in a cenote or an impressive ceremony in the picturesque jungle: Tulum creates the perfect setting for your wedding in Mexico, which we will collectively fill with unforgettable memories.

You want to get married abroad, but in another country?

Needless to say, as wedding planners we realize your premium wedding worldwide
and give you here only a small inspiration of the possible wedding destinations abroad.
In the joint wedding planning we follow you to the country of your dreams
and realize your first-class destination wedding on site.

Tell us about your desired wedding abroad and we will make your dream come true.
Thanks to our multilingual wedding planners and our many years of experience in weddings!

The most beautiful places for your international wedding

A beach wedding on a small, deserted island paradise in Asia is the epitome of luxury for many brides and grooms.

Especially the Maldives and Bali are sought-after wedding locations, which make every heart beat faster with their white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and decorative palm trees.

America is the land of big dreams.
Dreams that will come true for you thanks to our ambitious wedding planners.

Whether it’s an island wedding in Hawaii in the USA, getting married on the Caribbean beach of Tulum in Mexico or a free wedding ceremony in the snow-capped Andes of Argentina.

Getting married in Africa is the highlight of many bridal couples. Not without reason, as our wedding planners think.

Whether getting married in a South African lodge in a national park or a dream wedding on a picturesque beach in Seychelles or Mauritius – getting married in Africa is and remains unique.

Get married in privacy in a small setting,
with an elopment wedding.

A wedding where every heartbeat can be heard.
With you and for you.

Whether a planned or spontaneous wedding, sometimes the heart longs for a lot of togetherness. This is because the promise to enter into the bond of marriage is a very personal concern for many bridal couples.

At an elopement wedding in Germany or abroad we fulfill your wish of an intimate ceremony, where you and your love are in the foreground. In a small circle, but with grand style.

Love Letter

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Absolute heart recommendation!

We thank Nadia from the bottom of our hearts for her warm, open, patient and perfectionist way. Through her professional work she made our wedding an unforgettable day. Nadia always had an open ear and was available at all times. Her choice of service providers was perfectly tailored to us as a bridal couple. The communication among each other has always been at eye level and with a lot of cordiality :).

On the day of our wedding, Nadia and Pia have always been by our side and at the same time available for all service providers. Her relaxed and professional manner took away any excitement from us. We could enjoy our day 100%!

Dear Nadia, dear Pia,

Get married at the highest level.
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