The dream team behind our wedding agency
in Heidelberg.

Based in Germany. But at home around the world.
Our heart beats internationally for your boundless love.

We fill places with life.
Locations with style. Days with highlights.
Moments that give you goosebumps.

We create memories that will stay in your heart forever.
And, we tell stories in grand style without words.
With first-class wedding concepts, which our wedding agency customizes for you.

These are our wedding planners

team: Nadia

Nadia Jung

Founder & Owner of the agency
Nadia Jung International Premium Weddings | International Wedding Planner

Accredited Wedding Planner & Event Designer | Bachelor of Arts in Eventmanagement | Certified Wedding Planner
♥ My languages: German, English, Spanish & French

There is a very personal story for every married couple.
Mine started when I was a baby and met the love of my life in my stroller.
You could say it was true love from the beginning – although we probably didn’t realize it at the time.

We lost touch for a few years after our parents moved away.
But fate had other plans for us and we found ourselves together again as young adults.
That’s when the magic happened.

Since then, I have believed in the magic of love and know that anything is possible in life.
Our dream wedding in 2015 finally established the foundation of my passion:
Enabling every married couple to have such a happy ending.

I have been doing the most breathtaking weddings from around the world with my wedding agency ever since, and together with my team, I create a happy ending every time, where you can feel the crackle in the air. I fell in love with love and became a collector of countless love stories. Would you like to tell me yours?

team: Pia


Wedding Planner

Work-study in high school service management for the public health sector | In-house wedding planner training at Nadia Jung International Premium Weddings, focusing on international weddings abroad
♥ My languages: German, English & Italian

As far back as I can remember, I have always been drawn to discovering the world. Whether traveling to America, Australia or Asia, every country and place has a certain magic that needs to be discovered.

I have made it my mission at Nadia Jung’s wedding agency to reveal all the facets of the magic of each destination. And to design venues that surpass all understanding.

Being a wedding planner for me is not a job, but a vocation. That’s why I’m looking forward to creating many surprising moments that will give you a thrill during your wedding.

team: Ann Katrin

Ann Katrin

Wedding Planner

Trained as a hotelier in a luxury hotel with practical experience in event management | In-house training as a wedding planner at Nadia Jung International Premium Weddings, specializing in weddings in German speaking countries
♥ My languages: German, English & French

The number three has always been with me:
born in 1993, it has led me through my three pioneer cities: Stuttgart, Lucerne and Heidelberg.

I spent three years looking after the most exclusive guests in a luxury hotel, accompanying first-class events and co-organizing unforgettable events.

And for some time now I have been accompanying newlyweds in Nadia Jung’s wedding agency on their way to the most beautiful day of their lives – with these three magic words: YES, I WANT

team: Ina


Social Media Manager

Bachelor studies at the renowned University of Heidelberg in psychology | further education as social media manager at Nadia Jung International Premium Weddings with a focus on Instagram & Pinterest
♥ Languages: German, English, Spanish & French

My love for traveling began in my early childhood and continues to this day. The reason for this has always been the unique encounters with special people that I would never have met in my everyday life.

People who share their values and life stories with me. Who inspire me in an extraordinary way and thus not only broadens my horizon, but also my community of favorite people.

As a social media manager, I live the passion of connecting people. That’s why I take you on a very special journey every day on Nadia Jung’s accounts – from the head back to the heart.

Our philosophy as a wedding agency

We love exclusive weddings.
But even more the grand moments we experience there.

We love breathtaking wedding venues.
But even more the unique memories we associate with them.

We love ambitious wedding plans.
But more than that, we love making your vision of a dream wedding come true.

That’s why our wedding agency is anything but ordinary.
We create experiences that touch the heart and stay with you forever.

Services of our wedding agency

As everything revolves around you as the bride and groom during your wedding, we are of course present on the big day as wedding planners, so that you can enjoy your party in all serenity.
We take care of the reception of the guests, the coordination of the service providers and the smooth running of your wedding day.

The wedding planners in our team will depend on the location of the event and the size, scope and individuality of your big day. As the owner of the agency and an experienced wedding planner, Nadia Jung will always be personally at your side as your trusted contact person during your wedding.

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